Always Becoming….

A Glorious BecomingIn a smaller town, there aren’t too many housing additions. In the process of our dreaming a little about a new house, we naturally have begun looking for the perfect lot. Nothing too vast, but we definitely want enough space so you feel like you could stretch out. We’ve come across several we like, but nothing we are just living and dying for….yet.

One night as we were driving, we saw a sign we hadn’t seen before. It was advertising a brand-new addition in a development. Worth checking out. So we came to a white picket fence and wrought iron gate indicating a new housing development was going to be built. We were intrigued. As we made the turn onto the gravel road, we noticed electrical boxes positioned at what would be each individual lot. We could see darling streetlights and even a quaint little pond and bridge in the middle of what seemed to be the clearing for a commons are of some sort. We drove on. This has potential. We drove to the back of the section of land and saw a great lot. Although uncleared and still very rugged, we could see its potential. We could see a vision for a very sweet place to build a house. We said to ourselves, “This could have real promise.” It is out, but not too far out; it seems like you could still have community, and they are really moving on this project. Because it didn’t seem any of the lots had been taken, we reasoned they must be in an early enough place in the development that we could get any lot we wanted. But we were just as sure that we needed to move fast. So we hustled back to the front of the addition to grab the number to call, thinking, If this is a good deal, we’ll want to jump on it so we can land the best lot! This could become something really special.

Ring….ring…ring….”Oh hello. Uh, yeah, I know the lots you’re talking about. No, it’s actually been sitting there for going on two and a half years now. Just slow getting started and selling the lots, you know. I don’t have anything in front of me right now. You’d be welcome to look if you want, but again, we’re just moving kind of slow.”
The buildup and hype we had created didn’t match the action. Here’s the thing: until someone starts either buying those lots or gets real fired up about selling those lots and then creating a neighborhood, there is no “becoming”. What is set up to achieve a great housing addition could very well remain just that…a whole lot of potential but not a lot of becoming. We drove away disappointed, because we felt it would probably continue to be just what we saw: a carved-out gravel road, darling streetlights, a quaint pond with a bridge, and electrical boxes set on a rugged countryside and no houses. Potential. Until someone buys the lots, there would be no becoming of anything.
Our boundary lines have been drawn in perfect places to impact a generation for God. As beautiful daughters of the King, we have been perfectly fashioned and brilliantly established to be leaders in our spheres of influence and produce an incredible harvest. But until we start believing and operating out of the Truth of Psalms 16:5-6 and 45:13, there will be no becoming.

“The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance. {Psalm 16:5-6}

“The King’s daughter is all glorious within.” {Psalm 45:13}

Are you ready to stretch out and start becoming?

**For the next 20 days I will be sharing excerpts from “A Glorious Becoming” book here on the blog. I want so deeply to share life with you. I want to know how you are becoming all glorious within as Jesus recreates you. Please help build this community of real women, living real lives of overcoming and healing because a Real Savior invaded their sphere and changed everything by sharing with others and commenting below. We need each other’s faith. Thank you so very much for all your willingness to share so we can all be endued with greater belief in the God of miracles…that is at work today! Love you so!**

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