Announcing Winners Today!!

Happy Tuesday, sweet things!

I have been so anxious to announce our winners from the BGCO Sweet event!  There was such an outpouring of interest in the ministry I am giving away TWO gift sets!  I love free gifts!!

Congratulations to Rolonda Watkins of Broken Arrow, OK!  We are sending you a copy of “A Glorious Becoming” and a handwritten scripture canvas of Psalm 45:13-15 – that’s a $50 value!!

Handwritten Scripture Canvas - Psalm 45:13-15

Congratulations to Amber Sorter of Arapaho, OK!  We are sending you a copy of “A Glorious Becoming” and a DVD set of “Aroma of Grace: A Study on the Book of Leviticus” along with the consecration cards that go hand and hand with the teaching – that’s a $35 value!!

A Glorious Becoming

Ekkk, I love giving gifts!!  It’s my favorite!….Well, Jesus is my favorite.  However, He makes it pretty super to give gifts!  Especially gifts that remind us of His great love for us as His daughters.  It’s like Glorious Daughters Christmas came early this year.

"Aroma of Grace: A Study on the Book of Leviticus" DVD set - 6 teaching sessions

For those interested in purchasing our newly added resource of “The Aroma of Grace: A Study on the Book of Leviticus” they can be purchased online starting next week for $20 {that includes all six teaching sessions}.

Today I want to leave you with the prayer I have written in the opening chapter of “A Glorious Becoming”…

Dear Beloved Father,

Please heal every wrong concept of the King that we have.  Every destructive thought or whisper that we have believed about ourselves, we ask grace and mercy to wash over our desperately sick interpretation of Christ and the events of our lives.  In the Name of Jesus, show us why we are here and how you really see us, as beautiful daughters becoming all glorious within.  Regardless of what we’ve done or believed, we pray that you will open the windows of Heaven to bring right perspective to our hearts and wisdom to the revelation of authentic beauty.  In Jesus’ Mighty Name we pray….


Keep checking back for new and upcoming resources.  I adore new, fresh works of God and I love you so!


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