The Fight for Joy is a Fight to See | Let’s chat about Chapters 5 & 6 | Becoming Book Club

Published: 06/26/2017

“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!” {Psalm 34:8} The fight for Real Joy is a fight to SEE our realities with God’s perspective. My challenge for us this week is so simple…..ask God to SEE. To really SEE what He sees, so we want what He wants. Piper talks in these chapters […]

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It’s a Fight for faith to gain Joy! Let’s Chat about Chapters 3 & 4 | Becoming Book Club

Published: 06/19/2017

Hello Monday, sweet Book Club friends! With another amazing week of reading under our belt Chapters 3 and 4 give us a host of sparkling treasures to uncover and place deep in our hearts. My favorite bullet point, and bolstered faith challenge, of the two chapters comes in Chapter 3, page 40… “Take up arms […]

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Let’s Chat about Chapters 1 & 2 | Becoming Book Club

Published: 06/12/2017

Chapter 1 & 2 Discussion with Cari from Cari Trotter on Vimeo. Good Morning, friends! It seems as if I have been waiting for a 100 days to get into Chapters 1 & 2 of this incredible book with you!! These opening chapters waste no time diving right in to the depths of God’s desire […]

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Book Club Introduction Journal Thoughts

Published: 06/08/2017

Hey hey, sweet friends! How’s the week going? What did you think about the Introduction reading and video for our very first Becoming Book Club?!

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Becoming Book Club starts TODAY!!

Published: 06/05/2017

Becoming Book Club Introduction from Cari Trotter on Vimeo. Hello and welcome to the very first Becoming Online Book Club!!  I have been so very excited about getting started with this and have actually been counting down the days to sharing this INCREDIBLE book by John Piper with you. The title of our summer book […]

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Becoming | 2 Corinthians 9:10 | Devotional Two

Published: 04/18/2017

Today we come to the place where we need to GATHER seeds. You cannot GROW unless you plant and you cannot plant unless you are given seeds to sow. Even if you are sowing seeds as small as mustard seeds they have the potential to reproduce an abundant harvest. In order to sow the Word […]

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Becoming | 2 Corinthians 9:10 | Devotional One

Published: 04/17/2017

Good Morning, Becoming friends! Writing has always been my first love in regards to my relationship with Jesus. There are times for a spoken word and then there are seasons for a deeper more introspective written word. Writing takes more minutes, but forces me as a writer and you as a reader to really press […]

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Power Prayers | Spin off the Becoming App this week!

Published: 04/13/2017

Hey, guys! As promised in our Becoming App devotional video for Philippians 4:8 day two here are the 12 steps I rattled off fast for Power Prayers! Remember there is no such thing as perfect….God only asks us to stay persistent. This is just to be used to help jolt your prayer life. Praying for […]

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Facebook LIVE chat follow up | Confidence Killers

Published: 01/30/2017

Hi, friends!  Thank you so much for those that joined in on the Facebook LIVE conversation we had Friday. Loved reading the comments on what kills your confidence and diving into areas where we are becoming more and more confident of the Lord’s care over our lives. It’s good stuff ya’ll. I promised to hop […]

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Guest post from my Coach Man : {Processing}

Published: 12/31/2016

{I am so very excited to have my sweet Coach Man writing a guest post as we finish off an incredible 2016…love him so and his calling as a coach….praying these power-filled words bless you and inspire you as you process your own 2016 and look ahead to the grand adventure of 2017! God Bless […]

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