Cari is overjoyed with every church, group, ministry, or individual she gets to partner with through the Word, and she looks forward to challenging your group in the upcoming year.

Please express the theme and direction of your event in the space provided.  Cari is happy to tailor a message around your mission, but is also passionately teaching on the topics listed below and would love to bring the messages to your event, group, ministry or organization.

Pay No Mind To Thieves – based on John 10:10 where the enemy comes to steal our peace, kill our authority and destroy our destiny…GOD comes to grant us Peace, Authority and Great Destiny filling our lives with increased wisdom to live out our days in big abundance.  Cari walks through the importance of assigning Godly peace, authority and destiny to our personal lives, our increased circles of influence and leveraging it for the goodness of Kingdom purpose.
Sharp Arrows – we could find ourselves coming in and out of every church event known to man and not have a sharpened sense on how to truly penetrate the dark sinful cycles of our lives…Paul writes to Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:5 a recipe to become not just practice arrows, but fine tuned sharpened arrows for the Gospel of Grace.  Cari talks through the real ways we can keep our hearts situated in the Word of God, endure hard places with great strength and endurance, accomplish the work of evangelism in our families, friendships and communities and fulfill our Kingdom purposes on this globe.
The Earth on Me – as women we face an increased pressure of all the hard “earth” that threatens to crack over our souls.  Our past hurts, current sin and anxiety for the future can so distract us from truth we can walk a pretty far path discouraged, but in a divine moment of intersection the Darling of Heaven met a women just like you and me at the well and exposed the fullness of His Kingdom in love to her to heal her, free her and open her life up to Kingdom purposes.  God’s love is full of mercy and truth.  In equal parts He loves us into healing.  Cari invites you onto a walk down a dusty earth road to a glorious exchange that changed a woman, that altered a legacy and ignited an entire community to believe in Jesus.
#FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out is a very real strife in this generation.  And it isn’t just something slaying a younger generation.  It is slaying us all with insecurity, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, depression and rejection.  God has called us not to be afraid of what we are missing out in the natural, but to become obsessed with the good fruit of being deeply known by Him, affectionately loved and motivated towards lives that are Faithful Obedient Mature and On-target as believers filled with Christ-centered confidence.  Cari talks through how to face fear with faith.

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