Art of Becoming | Feb 7th | Dallas

For some time I have been stirring with a dream I am sure God is desiring to launch in 2019…

{The Art of Becoming.}

For years I have casually gathered women in my home or in their homes attempting to cultivate dialogue. It’s been purposed, but casual. God has made it clear to me in 2019 to stoke an imagination not only within me, but also within YOU. This year we make it intentional. To interrupt our senses and pull us closer to the essence of being truly found in Christ alone.

My passion is to curate the identity Christ intended for us to confidently walk out all of life from. Somewhere in the mix of pursuits we have grown weary in discovering it. I fear we settle for the simplicity of titles, roles, ambitions, second hand convictions and other’s expectations to define us…and then we feel let down when they don’t sustain us…..

There is a finesse, a beauty, to our Becoming centered around the intimacy and fragrance of Christ being our strength, song and salvation.

Feb 7th if you are in Dallas, Texas it would be a true gift to have you in the room as I launch this idea within my soul and share my vision moving forward. Our Becomings are always better when trailblazing fresh soul soil together. Please make plans to attend. This event is free, but does require your rsvp so we can prepare an intentional place for you.

Look forward to seeing you February 7th from 7-9pm in the beautiful Mockingbird Room in Highland Park Village.

Love you dearly. It is an honor to serve you.
Cari Trotter 

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When my answer to everything is : HERE FOR IT.

Over the last several months I am pretty positive I have used the expression, “Here For It” as my counter reply to basically everything. When all things familiar shift it definitely cultivates any tensions rumbling beneath the surface of your spirit. And as much as we have settled our train in Arkansas every day is a new adventure. Arkansas has come as the sixth move in fifteen years and reminded us how much “familiarity” provides comforts that create space for your confidence as opposed to allowing God alone to solidify the position of your confidence. At some point I heard this expression, Here For It, and for what ever reason it stuck, made me giggle and then I realized how completely brilliant it truly was.

When new experiences make me feel awkward and like a middle school girl meeting new friends? I say, “Here for it.

When new experiences totally stress me out because nothing in it’s place freaks me out? I say, “Here for it.

When new experiences seem rewarding and adventurous? I say, “Here for it.

When new experiences challenge my parenting? I say, “Here for it.

When new experiences cultivate fresh dreams and open space? I say, “Here for it.”

When new experiences create perfectly placed friendships? I say, “Here for it.

When new experiences make using google maps to go anywhere a complete necessity? I say, “Here for it.”

It has actually gotten pretty comical the number of places and times it applies. It has kept me sane when I wanted to loose my marbles over all the ways I feel changes remind me I am SO NOT in control. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m certainly not saying I’m here for chaos, disorder, panic or anxiety. I’m not here for things spinning in a vortex of disjointed experiences. But somehow when I tell both my spirit, my reality and remind God, “Here for it” I settle into a position of empowerment and remember life is not about everything being in my control. My experiences are all, even the superficial ones we think have little ramification, meant to mold into the obedience of Christ. All of life is to be found in Him and for Him. Is life messy and crazy and total unpredictable? Yes. Can my reactions to life be motivated towards a particular tone of positivity and fruitfulness regardless of what I face? Yes. Life is about having eyes to see things from God’s perspective and with His heart in mind.

Life is about having eyes to see things from God’s perspective and with His heart in mind.

Saying “Here For It” simply gives a levity, positivity and fruitful language to an otherwise very stressful and at times concretely anxious newness. Remember in all things a negative complaining spirit is a poison oozing it’s way through more than you can understand or fathom in the immediate moment. “Here for it” bosses my spirit into a “by faith” mentality and keeps me in check to what this whole shindig is about – being on assignment to glorify God. That’s it y’all. Even down to schedules changing, roundabouts rounding, new community finding, late night talking, new people meeting and elementary cookie dough selling. Guys – I’m. Here. For. It.

When I say to my reality, my parenting, my marriage, my assignment, my calling and my community, “HERE FOR IT” I am proclaiming “God KNOWS the plans He has for me. To prosper me and not to harm me. To give me a hope and a future.” {Jeremiah 29:11}

So, Life?! I’m here for it all baby!

We truly cannot anticipate all the happenings of our lives. Even the best most organized planners have situations arise they didn’t expect. Processing change to any degree must happen through because it is impossible to change around, but there is a way your spirit can go through changes in a fruitful way. There is a place you can boss your spirit to fruitfulness by proclaiming…..


The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the long and the short of it must BECOME…….I am HERE FOR IT ALL. And then just watch as your Big Strong Able God will show up in mighty wisdom, elevated revelation and fulfilled understanding. Over the big and small. Because there is not one moment of your life God has not said the same to you, “Cari, I’m here for it.”

When we very first began to meet new friends in our new community I told the kids real serious like in one of my many car ride filibusters life would tempt them to take their eyes off Jesus. Don’t! Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus and your mind towards Heaven, because when you can’t find North and the compass dial is spinning if you get your eyes on Him you’ll have a steady focus. Remember, He has not shifted His focus from you for one second. Not one second of your life has He turned his head. His eyes have been locked on you. And without a shadow of a doubt God Almighty is HERE FOR IT with you.

Where are you finding yourself? Where do you need to just say simply “Here For It” and shift the atmosphere of your heart towards peace and courage to be where God has you?



Becoming {{NOW}}

We are always BECOMING.

Becoming stronger.

Becoming wiser.

Becoming ready.

Becoming seasoned.

Becoming steady.

Becoming scared.

Becoming okay.

Becoming tenderhearted.

Becoming savvy.

Becoming more aware.

Becoming established.

Becoming sharpened.

Becoming surrendered.

Becoming broken.

Becoming whole.

Whether intentionally or not, we are indeed BECOMING something. Spiritually, I am not so sure we take the time to recognize what we are allowing ourselves to become. We gain too much momentum reacting to life, to culture, to reality to genuinely step back and survey the spiritual life we are building. It isn’t simply whittled down to what we are building either, its also important to take note of the way in which our “becoming” is dropping to fruition. Within the last year I took a bold step of surrender to do just that – survey the spiritual life I was building and the way in which it was coming to fruition. It was hard year of pruning. Of course we know pruning is grounding in the concepts for progression. Pruning is meant to show us great love and develop a produce through our lives we otherwise would be too entangled in weeds to grow. But it doesn’t change the fact that pruning is tough as all get out and it takes bold courage to remain inside the trimming long enough to see the growing.

I hope you will grant me inordinate grace for this post being simplistic at worst and honest at best. I don’t have much time to spend scrutinizing over the of grammar or sentence structure today because if I do circle the drain of those things with too critical an eye I will whisk myself away from the courage to simple “record the vision” and write. {Plus it will be time to pick up my kids and if too many days go by I’ll blink and never write the things and share the heart and build the dreams….so I’ll jot this down for you to read and pray you read with grace to hear my heart and decide to stick with me for the long haul. We have many memories yet to build and loads of dreams to see God fulfill in the days ahead.}

A year ago God lovingly began pruning my heart and ambitions. In order to hear him clearly and grow effectively He asked me to “turn the shop lights off” in ministry and career. To sabbatical completely. After many days of yielding all areas of ministry, ambitions and the way in which I was BECOMING I am hearing Him say to “turn the shop lights back on”. It is indeed according to the permission of the Lord I step back into the arena of teaching, speaking and writing where I hear Him ushering me not into specific programs or strategies or accomplishments, but into the deep for intimacy, friendship and understanding as Becoming Ministry finds rebirth.

I don’t want to sound too etherial or use bloated Christian words making me out to be something I am not, but I do want to communicate this particular post with more of a tender spiritual tone. I am real as the day is long and NOTHING in my spiritual life has come without a great cost. Passion is derived from combat. And realness without Christian pleasantries is the only way to know the difference between fake and authentic. But I also have garnered great affection for the depth of a spiritual soul. The wherewithal to maintain a tenderness towards surrender and spirituality and to communicate some aspects of life, the human experience and the depth of a soul at it’s core without the banter of jokes is something I value to a very deep place. This is one of those postings for me.

For the last year I have been on a sabbatical from all ministry and content development. You can go back and read a few heartfelt posts here at I Surrender, or here at Flip The Furniture or here at Let It Roll. It has been one of the most difficult seasons of “dream surrender” of my life and in the exact same breath it has been the most precious brokenness I have ever experienced before the Lord. There is a steadiness to my heart I genuinely knew existed but largely preached by faith having not experienced it prior to the year I’ve been given in solitude and surrender.

In the last year : I have written for no one but myself. Not to be selfish, but to be reminded fresh our spiritual lives BECOME deeper and wider inwardly FIRST and then flow continuously outside of that SECOND. I have experienced the goodness of mission for the sheer delight of being the hands and feet of Jesus and watching that delight translate to others. I have done more, created more and been exposed to greater works and deeper relationships than I have dared expose on social media. I’ve made a point to create my private life with my people to be a million times more thrilling than the public life share with others. To BECOME means to merge your private life to the same space as your public persona. I’ve BECOME extremely passionate about being the same person online as anyone would meet in person. The last year has been an overhaul of change for my entire tribe and we are all the better for it. Instead of living with our palms down clinging to sifting sand and personal control, we have had our spiritual hand muscles trained to turn our palms up in wild surrender to a most faithful God. I have walked through a year where my personal BECOMING meant all things new which will mess with your earth bound familiarity and set your face like flint on the wilds of Heaven bound assignments.

We are all in a place of BECOMING, my friends. No one is immune from becoming something. It is when we make recognition of the activity of BECOMING where we finally reach a spiritual homecoming knowing there is no arrival only the deepening of what it says in Psalms 118:14 “The Lord is my strength and my song. He has BECOME my salvation.” It is what I believe to be the root of spiritual wisdom and revelation. –> Have you settled to a place where the Lord has BECOME your very salvation?

Where He is more than a Sunday song. More than a recited reading. More than a great women’s group. More than a slough of blogs. More than a social club. More than a blessing. More than an experience. More even than a mission or a ministry – Has He alone truly BECOME your salvation? Ebbing and flowing out of everything you are and everything you hope to be? 

Today is my first day “back in the office” more or less, but nothing is normal about my heart or what the space of creation looks like for me. It is forever marked with the identity of BECOMING with the Lord. He used the last year to solidify I am His and He is mine and my role is to simply carry out the enterprises before me by way of His Spirit. To allow Him to set the pace. To write the script. To play the scene.

So what’s the next thing you ask? Well, it is not going to be the next thing, it is going to be the NOW thing. Something essential is happening within the framework of this ministry and I am so excited.

New Becoming App devotional content? YES!

New Becoming Equipping Bible Study material like ebooks, webinars and small group tools? YES!

New Becoming Prayers and Liturgies? YES!

New Becoming ideas we haven’t even thought of yet? YES!

All of the above line items are a YES because they are apart of a NOW Becoming. We won’t be waiting for someday to BECOME, we want to allow the Holy Spirit’s activity in our life to do a work NOW and I want us to recognize the BECOMING and be an active participant in it’s creation. Smack dab in the middle of the happenings of our current life God wants to develop appropriate community, creativity and change so we see our hearts BECOME His heart.

Today’s challenge is to recognize what area or areas of your life does God want to BECOME your very salvation? Where is He asking you to turn your palms up and trust His process to unlock a deeper BECOMING than you knew possible? 

“Our Lord makes a disciple His own possession; He BECOMES responsible for him. ‘Ye shall be witnesses unto me.’ The Spirit that comes in is not that of doing anything for Jesus, but of being a perfect delight to Him. The Secret of the missionary is – I am His, and He is carrying out His enterprises through me.” {Oswald Chambers} 

Warrior Women : A Prayer Playbook

Happy Fri-YAY y’all!

This week my Trotter Tribe has finished their first week of school in a new city, my Coach Man is wrapping up fall camp and I’m still alive. Holla’ at ya girl for jumping into fall, changes and everything new like a boss! {fist bump!} It felt a bit like a whirlwind, but we are #hereforit and made it to the weekend. Win Win for everyone! To all the amazing friends who prayed us through, sent crazy encouragement and cheered loud for all the things – THANK YOU!

As we march into the upcoming football season in the next several weeks I am honored to be shoulder to shoulder with the Women of Warrior football as we cheer our Hendrix Warriors, coaches and support staff into a championship season. Excited to be sporting all things orange with this bunch of gorgeous women this fall! #WeAreWarriors

At the beginning of each new football season I am more and more aware of the urgency prayer plays in our ability to not only survive the season, but find ourselves thriving at the close of each season. Prayer also keeps us diligent to remain focused on the task at hand. From our angle of living prayer seems to be the secret sauce to keep my #trottertribe on mission. During last year’s championship season with Highland Park I spent time preparing a Prayer Playbook for Coaches Wives. Pulled it back out this week to apply it to our new team and I want to share it with you! I sort of love being not just a Warrior Coaches Wife this year, but a Prayer Warrior too…join me!

Click HERE to drop me your email & snag your Prayer Playbook for the Coaches Wife! 

I hope to spend the fall sending out various bits of wisdom I’ve gathering over the years and would adore having continuing conversations with those of you who are coaches wives this fall! Make sure you get signed up with your email to receive the goodies!

Where are you and your family currently coaching? What’s your biggest prayer going into this season?

Let it Roll.

Over the summer we moved for the sixth time in fifteen years of marriage and coaching football. Each move there is a different aspect of my flesh the Lord reveals needs to change. This season of change is no different. It’s been like a full frontal hug on every insecurity I so diligently felt I was protecting. It turns out I wasn’t doing a very good job hiding those icky places I keep energetically tucked away inside familiarity. There is nothing like a big change where your dependencies are challenged to refresh your keenest sensitivities bent towards whether or not you’re teachable. I have a choice to either allow the changes to reveal passionate internal strength and endurance or acidic soul scarcity and passivitiy.

This particular move carried us from Dallas, Texas to Conway, Arkansas. We hadn’t been here long before we realized the particular beauty in all the nature of The Natural State. So many hikes to take and trails to adventure through. Gorgeous lakes and rolling rivers abound. The Arkansas River runs beneath the longest bridge in Arkansas and it is a special tourist attraction. A couple of weeks ago we were feeling touristy so we decided to go check it out. As my Trotter Tribe stood in the middle of a ginormous bridge overlooking the brilliance of the steady Arkansas River I caught myself mulling over the statement, “I’m not good at changes.”  It turned into a prayer more or less as we watched the river move and morph into various splashes against each other. As I watched the water lace in and out of itself it dawned on me this thought: never once is a river the same. It is constantly changing. No two seconds of a river are ever the same beneath the surface. Yet above the surface we are able to easily see a consistency we call beautiful.

As we are living and breathing and operating no two seconds of our lives beneath the surface are the same. Our securities and familiarities are constantly shifting. Whether we want them to or not, changes are always happening within us. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Big changes in our lives merely reveal the subtle changes rolling beneath the surface. God, Himself is constantly evolving as the all sufficient savior; moving, rolling, lacing in and through all circumstances and yet remaining every bit as steady and consistent to flow into our destinies. 

“God has a constantly flowing river whose sparkling steams bring joy and delight to his people. His river flows right through the city of God Most High, into his holy dwelling places.” Psalm 46:4 {Passion Translation}

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19 {English Standard Version}

In order for God to do a new thing in our lives, changes to some degree have to take place. Whether we invite it or it happens to us, changes present an opportunity for a roaring river to flow through our lives and circumstances to shape us, stir us, and steady us. Rivers of Change can roll where we didn’t imagine a river could spring forth. It isn’t about whether we are good at changes or not. I’m realizing changes can roll like a river evolving my soul and growing my spirit in eternal strength, reverence and endurance like I never knew possible.


I could kick and scream inside my soul and become acidic and bitter towards the evolution changes bring. Instead of seeing the beauty of allowing the River of Changes to shape and mold me, I could merely see erosion and dry up the fullness of what the changes could offer. I could spend my days looking back on what was and lingering too long over the God of my yesterdays, or I could choose where the God of my Tomorrows is rolling into my future and the future of my tribe, my ministry and my friendships.

Let It Roll

  1. Come – Make sure to keep your heart coming towards Jesus:  Journal, worship, pray and pretty much saturate your heart to soaking in the Word of God. I’m way too human to do casual faith. Don’t keep it low key. Make sure to keep the  surroundings within your spirit consistently coming towards Jesus.
  2. Listen – Make your ears tune into what your heart is saying, what people around me are saying and how they are saying it.  Be aware of the Spirit talking in each new adjustment the changes to life bring. I heard a leadership quote years ago and it has stuck with me, “Leaders walk through a crowd and should listen, learn and then lead.” There is a good chance I am currently saying this quote in my head over and over again.
  3. Seek – Changes to life will have the potential to deepen your faith, but they can also keep you so busy dealing with the adjustments you assume faith will somehow fall in your lap. False. Motivating faith in a time when everything changes has to happen with activated seeking. Reach for Jesus. Risk an introduction to new friends, community and circles of influence. Respond when the Spirit stirs your heart to move towards your future.

Allow the victory begging to burst forth from your life have the freedom to flow through the Rivers of Change. I say “let it roll.”

New city? “Let it roll.

New school? “Let it roll.”

New job? “Let it roll.

New mission? “Let it roll.”

New loss? “Let it roll.

New gain? “Let it roll.”

No matter where you find yourself or what changes are happening the Lord desires to create a NEW thing. A NEW triumph. A NEW perspective. A NEW river of life. Let it roll, friends, let it roll.  

What Rivers of Change do you currently find yourself in? How is God using it to create a new thing in your life?

Hesitation Wrecks You

“Trust your yield, but hesiations will wreck you.”


That’s it, guys. Hesitation will wreck you.

We just moved to Conway, Arkansas and roundabouts are not a joke. For those, like myself, that might not know what a roundabout is it would be a circle in traffic intersections that keep cars in constant motion. Roundabouts basically nullify the need for traffic lights. However, if you don’t keep your head on a swivel and move it roundabout traffic could STRAIGHT RUN YOUR SUBURBAN OVER!! haha.

I have been learning the ways of roundabouts in the last three weeks, but nothing helped me quite as much as the intel I received from a college kid at the snow cone stand. His wisdom is playing into more than just my ability to drive in Arkansas. He said,

“Trust your yield, but don’t hesitate completely. Hesitation will wreck you.”


Here’s the deal…spiritually things work the same way.

There are seasons that require us to yield and pause. And yes, from what I know about yielding it is different than hesitations. I am a HUGE fan of the spiritual yield. Spiritual yields happen with confidence and are a decision. Hesitations happen because we aren’t sure what to trust. I’m a big fan of yielding spiritually, not so much a fan of hesitations. Matter of fact I am resurfacing after a year sabbatical. But as I am jumping back into ministry full-time I cannot be tempted to hesitate. I have to let God know, “I trust you without hesitation.”

Yielding gives us the potential for {but not limited to} the following fruit…

  • Deepened confidence in God’s affection, affirmation and attention on and over our lives
  • Greater understanding to the season we are currently walking through
  • Better space and grace to narrow our margins and hone in on our Kingdom purpose.

Hesitation gives us the potential for {but not limited to} the following shrink in our spiritual growth….

  • Delayed obedience based on fear.
  • Increased anxiety and obsession over pleasing man instead of surrendering to the Father.
  • Unhealthy questioning and cultivation of insecurity looking for affirmation.

I could be bloating a little bit of a semantics issue here, but I hope you’ll roll with me on the difference. I hope you’ll be honest enough to admit we have all at one time or another been tempted to let our yielding becoming hesitating. Yielding grants us the space to inquire of the Lord, hesitation could very well be the poison to get us run over.

Challenging you today to speak out the following:

“Lord, I recognize what you want from me and I’m responding to it and You without hesitation. I trust you to lead me, teach me and inspire me as I keep going.”

God, the Father, desires us to advance constantly. He ADORES roundabouts where spiritual traffic keeps moving. He wants us taken up with His occupancies in a free flowing allowance for not only our own yielding to seek wisdom, but the free movement of others in and around our lives. It is a steady balance of traffic as far as God is concerned. The last thing He wants is to see us hesitate in our trust of His careful, watchful and loving eye over our every move.

Trust your yield, but don’t allow your hesitations to wreck you. 

**this past weekend we picked my son up from K-West {Kanakuk Kamps} and I was able to talk to some of the staff about this very idea….the 5 minute talk is posted to the Becoming App under “Don’t Hesitate” – The Becoming App is available for FREE anywhere you download your apps.


Hope is the heat.

Hope purifies. This is a new thought to me. I’ve not always considered connecting my ability to hope ultimately leading to the purification of my mind, will and emotions. But the truth is that Hope does just that. Hope is the heat that burns away the dross. It clarifies purpose and passion. And to connect Hope to heat is only right.

I was dropping all my people off to school early this morning in my usual school drop off wardrobe choice – my pjs – and listening to my current worship obsession – Mosaic – while drinking the coffee – Starbucks blonde roast – my sweet hubby had gone out early to get thanks to an unused gift card we’d found last night….all the feels for the start to my Friday….and yes, it is super important for me to set the scene to my morning narrative because I want so badly for you to notice when and where I encounter Jesus and His Voice….totally normal moments of life. Too often I talk to folks trying to overcomplicate hearing Jesus and ya’ll He is so anxious to be caught up in my normal “school drop off in my pjs drinking coffee” moments. I’m thankful because normal is what most of my days consist of. However, when my heart responds to Jesus invading my normal moments it clicks the dial to extraordinary real quick.

While driving back home I took a sip of my coffee and decided it needed a reheat. I do this all day until the coffee is gone. I am relentless in my reheats. Because who wants to drink lukewarm coffee. As I am thinking about my microwave and reheating my coffee the thought rumbles back around in my head I’ve been wrestling with for a while that Hope purifies and it occurs to me not only does it purify it heats up my life.

Hope is the heat. It’s the microwave agent to ignite my life with heated up passion to keep pursuing life abundant. Without it my soul cools off to lukewarm and unintentionally becomes indifferent about the Kingdom invading my reality. And ain’t nobody got time to live lukewarm!

There have been several places Toby and I feel in between decisions. Wrestling through belief can be tricky sometimes. We see some miracles we have believed for a long time beginning to formulate, but we are also tempted to believe they are so far off it’s pointless to Hope in them ever coming to fruition. It dawned on me this morning through some scriptures the Holy Spirit reminded me of {I’ll share in a sec} that not hoping keeps me lukewarm in my obedience to pursue God, life and spiritual activity with hot passion. Lacking a vivacious Hope life stalls out my pursuit of Jesus. Yikes! Hoping, no matter how risky and vulnerable it might seem, heats up my life with passion and possibility and before I know it I am on fire for the things of God and walking in spaces only possible with His activated involvement in my life!

But man….Hope is hard. 

I plan to write this post the way I live it and friends hope is hard as heck to live out some days. I don’t mean a “positive outlook on life unicorns and rainbows kind of hope thing”, I mean HOPE. The enduring though days that seem like a string of hell you could never have anticipated. Hope that holds on past grief, death, financial weariness, betrayal, defeat, discouragement, loneliness, loss, resentment, hearing no too many times to handle, rejection, waiting…ugh, the forever purgatory of waiting is the worst. I’m talking about HOPE that will not let go no matter the white squall of erosion hitting your soul. Hope in the miracles of Jesus continuing to be in motion in your life when all of your circumstances say otherwise. I mean Hope to find the Good, the Right, the Peace deep inside your heart and see it taking root and growing fruit. I mean HOOOOOOPPPPPEEEE. I mean HOPE AGAINST ALL HOPE kind of Hope.

As I connected these two thoughts this morning over my reheated coffee I realized the only way to obtain and live out REAL HOPE is to make it HOT and never in-between. Friends, this is so liberating! Jesus has created it to be where in order to live an overcoming life we MUST, to the alertness of our souls, HOPE HOT to allow its burning passion to purify us. 

I am still so blown away by the Flip the Furniture feedback and as promised I am circling back to the three areas I am specifically challenging us to look at. I previously jotted down some thoughts about Raising our Expectations. Next up : A Hope that purifies.

A Hot Hope that purifies cleanses our minds, wills and emotions with a single realigned thought pattern – Jesus is mighty to save.

Nothing shifts the atmosphere of my heart and reheats my Hope like when I remind myself “Cari, Jesus is mighty to save.”

Like a black poison that invades a clear glass of water THAT is what a spirit of discouragement is consistently  attempting to do with our lives, BUT a single thought of REAL HOPE – “Jesus is mighty to save no matter what my situation” – splashes purified liquid and clarifies the water of our lives to a pure place over and over again like magic.

I’m not hanging out in Revelation a ton ya’ll, but there are some seriously good nuggets I’m obsessed with in this season of life and needing to grab ahold of Hope with some big time intention. Revelation 3:14-22 is speaking to this idea of Hope being the heat that brings about the purification of our lives and ultimately the hot passionate way we should be engaging with our lives spiritually….Jesus does not want our lives to be in between belief He wants our love for life and belief to be on fire!

“And to the angel of the church in Laodicea write: “The words of the Amen, the faithful and the true witness the beginning of God’s creation. I know your works; you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, potable, poor, blind, and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, so that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline so be zealous and repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. The one who conquers, I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I also conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne. He who has ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” {Revelation 3:14-22}

Nothing could be more consequential to our faith life like Hope.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” {Hebrews 11:1}

In-between believing God will or won’t come through is just not a place Jesus wants us hanging out in! HE wants us alive to HOPE He is working ALL things for our good and His glory! And with every Hope promise includes His presence and as we Hope we open the door to have intimate relationship with Him!!! And ya’ll there is absolutely nothing I want more! Because as I am with Jesus more, I hope more and as I hope more I am purified in my mind, my will and my emotions!

Quick breakdown:

My mind: Hope purifies my mind. Meaning as I give way to Hope it heats up my thoughts to be full of faith in whatever I need to see God motivate my mind with instead of drowning in poisonous thought patterns like depression, defeat and discouragement. As I allow my mind to stay focused on Hope in Jesus to be mighty to save my mind is purified. It’s cleansed.

My will: Hope purifies my will. Meaning as I give way to Hope by faith in the goodness of the future God has planned for me my will {another word for ambitions, projects, calling, and future} is purified. It’s cleansed.

My emotions: Hope purifies my emotions…wooooboy….ya’ll nothing needs more purification than my emotions. Passion for Jesus can be a trusted aviation tool, unsanctified emotions are a horrible navigation device. Meaning as I give way to Hope it cleanses my emotions to be rooted in God’s thoughts and plans for me and I redirect toxic emotions like offense, unforgiveness, or anger that could all threaten my healthy understanding of my circumstances. Hope purifies my emotions. And emotions need constant cleansing.

Let’s walk into the weekend with HOT HOPE sweet friends. No lukewarm meandering for us. Let’s Hope hot for healing, for jobs, for dreams, for miracles, for relationships, for opportunity, for all the NEW works God wants to do in and through our lives….let’s allow the heat of Hope purify our minds, wills and emotions to live passionate for the Kingdom of God.

Let’s get our Hopes heating up! Where is God inviting you into Hoping by faith this weekend?




A Large Fuzzy White French Beret Hat

I can remember when I was around ten or eleven I went to a Christmas party for my gymnastic’s team. During the party they planned to do a gift exchange after we ate dinner. You could bring a nice gift of whatever you wanted for under twenty dollars.  I laugh now thinking back to how extremely hopeful I remember feeling. I can’t recall what I gave, but I do remember considering something really great like a “best friend” locket combo necklace, or maybe some neon gel pens, or maybe some cool scrunchies.

Fast forward. Numbers where drawn and I drew number one. I went first. Once a gift was selected it could be passed three times and then it locked down to an owner. I was feeling lucky. I had the pick of the litter……and boy did I choose good. Grabbed the biggest bag with the brightest tissue paper. I looked like a rainbow tossing the colored tissue paper out of the bag. I reached in and out came……..

…….a large fuzzy white French beret hat.

Ya’ll. I can’t even. I remember raising it up above the bag and my facial expression in extreme slow motion going from eager anticipation like all my childhood Christmas gift exchange dreams where going to come true to a sort of a “whatchu talking ’bout Willis??” look of confusion. I still don’t know who brought it. No one every fessed up. I mean I know the 90’s carried their weight in horrid fashion statements, but the fuzzy white French Beret hat was not something I recall EVER having seen on MTV Behind the Music. I apologize if you had a fetish for white fuzzy French Beret hats in the early 90’s…and honestly the 90’s apologies to you too. haha. My mama taught me well though and you know I put on my best southern ten year old happy, “Oh wow. This is special.” face as it arose from the bag, but my internal dialogue was that of a ten year old Christmas party gift exchange horror and disappoint that was neither fuzzy or white. I ended up taking that fuzzy French Beret hat home. Total gift exchange bust.

I think we fear our lives surrendered unto Jesus will end up like a busted gift exchange. 

In part, I think its an honest aspect of growth to admit and submit to Jesus the hesitation arises in our hearts….”If I surrender….will this end up being a busted gift exchange?” Because let’s be honest friends, true authentic surrender looks pretty vulnerable. Exposed. Naked almost. Maybe we’ve even attempted  full surrender of our lives to Jesus a few times, but we keep getting caught up at betrayal, or rejection, or insecurity, or self-preservation, or heartbreak…And we run the risk of needing to garner the Truth about putting the greatness of our daring in the hands of the Author and Perfecter of our Faith. And that is risky business.

In my previous post I listed several ways we can Flip the Furniture of our spiritual lives in surrender.

The first way I mentioned was to Raise Your Expectations. 

Remember the progression…

Surrender–>Raised Expectations–>A Hope that purifies–>Expect Expansion and Effectiveness. 

The willingness to RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS means everything to the growth of victory through any surrender.

The absolute ONLY way you will receive the Victory pulsing among earth’s hinges to ring into your soul will ONLY burst loud to resonate through your soul to the world IF you are so willing to relentlessly RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS regardless of your surroundings.

Here are a couple of easy ways we can do this together. 

Raise the caliber of your mind by reading The Bible.

  • Be consistent. No matter how much life hurts, gets busy or attempts to distract you from your need of it – cling to the Word. Read it. Speak it. Write it. Repeat. The Word is your Lifeline to the goodness of God.
  • Make it easy to grab, see or hear. Make the Word within reach. Quick access at all times.
  • Choose passages that speak uniquely to you. Begin to memorize it so that if you don’t have access to the Word when you need it, you know it by heart. Raising the caliber of your mind will help raise the caliber of your expectations and the vantage point you have of Jesus.

Raise the intel to your situation through persistent prayer.

  • Never end the conversation with God about your circumstances. Give Him the time to show Himself faithful.
  • Be honest. Pray like you mean it. He already knows what’s up, get comfortable and “Go there” with Him. He can shoulder it, I promise. I dish out a fair share to Him and He hasn’t kicked me to the curb just yet 🙂
  • Remind yourself God likes for us to bother Him. Ask. Seek. Knock. And NEVER GIVE UP.
  • Pray your heart to the Father. Don’t worry about fancy near as much as you concern yourself with authenticity.

Raise the conversation of your faith by speaking out the promises and miracles you see coming to life all around you.

  • Look for areas of Promise. I know the world, life, brokenness…it can feel too bleak. But the Promises of Heaven are everywhere. Times might be foggy and it may take some hefty effort, but call out places of promise. For our tribe there have been seasons where all we can claim is a flaming sunset roaring across the sky as a promise. We actually have done it so often the kids will see one when we are on a road trip now and without prompting holler out, “The sunset! That’s a PROMISE, mom and dad!”
  • Listen to the conversations around you. Where does God need to dispense a miracle. Shake off the dust of the everyday and ask God to give you supernatural insight to miracles. Our tribe has been praying for the healing of two children with traumatic brain injuries. To believe for their miracles energizes the prayers for the unique miracles we are believing for. Before you know it you find yourself in a culture of miracles and community of faith.
  • Praise. Lift the lid on worship and praise the promises down. My car, my kitchen sink, my desk….they have all become spaces for worshippers to arise because the enemy is defeated by the praises of God’s children.

Raise the atmosphere of your Hope by celebrating others and the miracles they need.

  • Celebrate BIG! One of my greatest pet peeves is when believers soft sell the need for liberal celebration. Life is meant to be celebrated. Find someone who feels discouraged, locate a reason to celebrate something in their life and I promise the spirit of discouragement is uprooted.
  • Create a culture of promise seeking, miracle watching and celebration happening wherever you go.
  • If you sense discouragement in someone – REACH IN AND HELP THEM RAISE UP. Don’t just gossip about it. Dash gossip at all costs. Celebrate. Raise Hope. See miracles.

Hope is the goal. Today choose to surrender a small part of your life you’ve been holding back from Jesus, and watch Him come back with more strength, endurance or insight than you could ever think or imagine. Watch Him come back with the Promise of His Presence everyday.

Surrender —> Raise Your Expectations —> A Hope that Purifies —> Expect Expansion and Effectiveness!


Flip the Furniture

There are a couple of things I love about this picture.

First, my toes are painted – praise be. Thank goodness I had a little color going on seeing as I would use this picture in a blog post – naked toes are all sorts of embarrassing. 🙂

Second, I can look straight through the corridor of my house to my front door from this vantage point.

As a coaching family living on mission in one of the most prolific financial brackets in the world we have been snuggled in our precious little rent house, affectionately named the Hobbit House, now for four years. It is a small plot of earth compared to most, but I can guarantee it is bursting at the seams with real life, hard love and good food most of the time. So yes, when I sit on my bed in my room I can see straight through my entire house to the front door. It hasn’t always been this way though.

I know we are all blown into 2018, but I am truly just coming up for air enough to write through the process of how 2017 offered us a string of hard days. Which saying “hard days” is a massive understatement if I really dwell on the captivated nature of endurance we stepped out of December 31st into January 1st with. We navigated unexpected betrayal, dark financial days, and heavy tension in our married life off and on all last year. Ya’ll, when I say Joy is real for us I do wholeheartedly mean it. But please know in equal parts when I say it’s “heavy boots” around my tribe I wholeheartedly mean it.

What you see is what you get with the Trotter’s top to bottom. We certainly aren’t smart enough to fake it. From about April to August the heaviness of burden just wouldn’t lift and it seemed as if an unfamiliar fog blanket had come across the horizon of our Trotter Tribe. Like being wrapped up in a too hot feather bed our arms and legs couldn’t seem to kick off the blanket. When one area of life settled it seemed as if another area of tension would heat up. 

In the darkest moment of defeat last year I decided to flip the furniture instead wallow in self-pity. And yes I mean literally flip the furniture in my house. You women will understand where I am coming from. It’s like all of the sudden you can be sitting in a perfectly good room, look around, freak out, and want to put everything you own on the front lawn and completely start over. Anyone else? From top to bottom I spent 5 days completely flipping our small Hobbit House and gutting all the rooms and all the things cluttering up our lives and hearts.

One strategic piece of furniture I flipped was how our bed was arranged in the Master bedroom.  

I flipped our bedroom so as to wake up and see everything coming towards us. For three years we have had our bed up against the opposite wall which faces the furthest back wall to our house and for endless nights of difficult life Toby and I would crawl into bed and fall asleep with our backs to more than just our house. We wanted so desperately to fall asleep to our life.

Have you been there before? Where you are probably high functioning, but the assaults are so depleting you can’t possibly stay alert to all that is happening and it would seem to be easier just to turn your back and fall asleep?

We fell asleep with our backs to our life ya’ll. And I can tell you one thing for sure thing – nothing about sleeping on your life is easier.

It might seem like a silly idea to you, but for us it shifted the atmosphere in our hearts and by rearranging the furniture there would be no more falling asleep to our life. No more fear. No more avoidance. No more passivity. No more backs turned to our life. Head on is how we planned to face every square inch of earth we step on. One of my favorite scriptures is Ephesians 5:14 and I believe I find a way to use it in every talk – “Awake and arise O Sleeper and the Light of Christ will shine on you!” Activating it in our Homelife was necessary.

The shocking part to the whole narrative of 2017 for the Trotter Tribe is that we are spiritual attackers by nature and have always lived life head on. To find ourselves in a perplexing spot to lust after numbness was bizarre. But guys….new levels, new devils. In 2017 there were areas God simultaneously opened up new territory of success just as much as we felt an assault to our spiritual lives, but we as a tribe were not prepared for just how assaulting the season of spiritual warfare would be in order to take hold of that Kingdom territory and it nearly took us out.

Speaking so bluntly here : it nearly took us out. It rearranged our priorities, relationships, goals, spiritual life, grace and obsession with God’s Word. OBSESSION with God’s Word. {I will certainly have more to say on the obsession with God’s Word in the days and months to come, but for now dog ear that thought and stay tuned.}

But…guess what? Here we are in 2018 and you know what…2017 DID NOT take us out. To the devil’s grief 2017 emboldened our faith and solidified our trust in the all knowing character of God. As Christine Caine says, “On the devil’s best day he didn’t take you out. You’re still here. You still have a hope and a future.”

The first morning of 2018 I woke up early, reached for my Bible and realized I was not only awake to tackle any warfare potentially arising against the reception of the Promises of God I was alert and facing the front when my precious baby girl slipped out of her room and into mine with her fluffy stuffed lamb. There was no magic in flipping the bed, but there was a physical change that motivated a spiritual awareness. Because sometimes we need to flip the furniture.

Let’s flip the spiritual furniture in 2018….

Raise Your Expectations!

It’s astounding how the consistency of a season of harsh unforgiving circumstances can lower your expectations. I get it. I have certainly lived it. The important thing to remember is to stay aware of when you are authorized to march into a new season of promises and flip the furniture and step in. Warring against the propensity a defeated spirit would have to lower expectations is paramount to receiving the fullness of Promises and Miracles. I say let’s banish old habits and stretch our faith, timid as it may feel, towards lifted expectations to see a movement of God through all we have navigated. And yes, I am saying “WE” because anytime I am sharing with you about my life I am under the assumption we are walking together. So let’s lift our expectations to the expectations of a High God who wants to satisfy more than our mere hunger pains. God desires to see us feast on the goodness of His graces in 2018. Flip the furniture on watered down expectations – Flip the bed around and let’s take the vantage point of Heaven and see great blessings coming towards us as we tackle life head on.

Hope Purifies!

Hope deferred certainly can weaken even the strongest heart. One of my favorite Christmas movies is “Its a Wonderful Life” and in its opening scene the angels are discussing George Bailey’s problems and one angel says to another “No, worse…he’s discouraged.” Nothing can kill hope like discouragement. But nothing can make a life rise to the fullness of it’s overcoming power like Hope. That’s why there is such a great fight against your life being filled with Hope. All your sufferings are not to be grieved. Truly. They are to be celebrated and even if it takes all remaining strength to HOPE AGAINST ALL HOPE – stand firm and HOPE. “Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces HOPE, and HOPE does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” {Romans 5:3-5} And our HOPE? Our HOPE actually purifies our hearts and renews our energy. When you feel overcome by defeat prayerfully ask for God to negotiate fresh HOPE from some aspect of your life and the ground you are currently occupying. DECIDE to believe and allow HOPE to rise within you. It will purify your soul, regenerate your mind and clarify your thoughts. Flip the spiritual furniture and choose hope.

Expect Expansion and Effectiveness!

When I flip my furniture and gut my house I am motivated to create space for expanded growth and more effective hospitality. It produces an atmosphere for more effectiveness if my tribe and the company we keep are not cluttered by old things. In 2018 let’s flip the spiritual furniture in full expectation it will produce for us expanded effectiveness. No more stagnant relationships. No more stagnant dreams. No more stagnant emotional circles. No more shame. No more unredeemed guilt. No more fear. Let’s let some people off the hook in our lives, offer forgiveness so everyone gets the benefit of expanded effectiveness. Let’s allow some new levels of obedience to push us past our self preservation. Let’s see 2018 open the door with FULL welcome expansion and effectiveness.

Where is God asking you to Flip the Furniture in 2018? I would LOVE to know how some of you plan to raise your expectations, be purified by Hope and expand your lives for effectiveness. Leave a comment below! 


Whew. 2017 was a doozy. A DOOZY with a wild ride to cap it all off! #trottertribe spent the year on our faces in surrender and then put a wrap on it with 40,000 people in AT&T stadium to win the UIL 5A State Championship for the second year in a row. Back to back Championships. That’s 32 football games in 16 months. Most football teams don’t play that many games in 3 years. We watched God work and weld hard faith. God attentively cast away fears and built up a solidified trust in the gracious provisional nature of His Love as we grasp for new energy and deeper commitment to each other and to the mission to love and serve and believe.

Felt the tension in pretty much every area of our lives in 2017. You name it, God battle tested it.

Absolute Surrender was the ask for our tribe in 2017. God not only drew us into surrender, accepted our surrender, cared for us in the days of our surrender, but worked in us HIS power, blessing, humility, depth and meekness. A simplified act of surrender has felt feeble and gross so much of the time, but it has given us a real possession of the work of the Holy Spirit.

Absolute Surrender has granted us real possession of the Holy Spirit.

His activated work, love, guidance, power…..victory in this season of life has come on the conditions of surrender. A full lean into the Anchor of God asking for daily bread, daily focus, daily interactions and daily stewardship of faith.

Surrender cannot be self focused; it must be faith focused. 

Each new day we have had to be leaned in together reminding each other to dash distractions and stay completely occupied with Jesus and His activity. It’s been a messy year of surrendering so much of our “selves” BUT in the mess I sense our tribe finding a message.

God does not leave His children in the ash heap….and we are discovering a beauty rising above the flames of surrender to formulate into a message.

We have discovered that in absolute surrender all your Hope rests in the assurance of Jesus and with that Hope you are purified, cleansed, set free. So we keep hoping and continue surrendering. We’ve had to claim with gut and gumption the realization of miracles not only for ourselves but in the seeking for miracles we’ve looked to the right and left and been woven together with a whole slew of miracle seeking believers. Miracles for finances, miracles for health, miracles for love, miracles for moves, miracles for jobs, miracles for relationships, miracles for spiritual growth, miracles for healing. Surrender produces miracles. Absolute Surrender catapults you into the company of miracle seekers. Those who are continually asking God to eradicate self-centeredness and insert unity in prayers, Kingdom, and mission.

God might have asked surrender of us, but it is God alone who has kept us faithfully in it.

It is HIS fellowship that has maintained our energies to stay surrendered, tenderhearted and attentive to what God’s desires are for our tribe. As the pages of 2017 slip into the new year we realize more than ever the extreme requirement on our lives to “take EVERY THOUGHT {project, idea, conversation, dream, motivation, relationship, invitation – EVERYTHING} captive into the obedience of Christ.” {2 Corinthians 10:5} and we are reminded and renewed with energy to take the EXACT SAME IDEA into 2018. Absolute Surrender was not just an end of year fad for our tribe….God has made it very clear – surrender is a lifestyle.

Absolute Surrender must be a lifestyle so as to see God ignite power, might and great fruit for His Kingdom in all our lives.

Yielding all in order to gain all. Let’s make the emptying of our lives and the seeking of God’s FULLEST presence fill 2018 to overflowing.