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Good Morning, friends!

It seems as if I have been waiting for a 100 days to get into Chapters 1 & 2 of this incredible book with you!! These opening chapters waste no time diving right in to the depths of God’s desire for us to seek Real Joy. If you missed the Introduction Video that’s okay – it is still up on the blog and you can watch it anytime. Also up on the blog is the post with my four Introduction Journal Thoughts and you can read those along with the scriptures posted anytime. I am so hopeful you have been able to get your book, a good highlighter and dive headlong into it. I am LOVING your feedback and have been so grateful to read your comments here, over on Instagram and Facebook, and several text messages over just how much this book is speaking to your specific season. Our faith life has the potential to gain great tenacity if we will allow our entire spiritual weight to lean in wholeheartedly. It is a true gift knowing we are fighting for Real Joy TOGETHER. Sooooo….what did you think about Chapters 1 & 2?!

I mention this in the video above, but page 19 held substantial heart treasures for me. It also carries the theme I believe John Piper wants so desperately for us to negotiate deep down in the marrow of our souls.

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. Which means they are finding that their desires, not just their decisions, really matter. The glory of God is at stake.”

I want us to take notice anytime he mentions what his “aim or goal” is in each chapter and the book overall. Those will become good aims and goals for us as well. Page 21 starts us out with what I believe should be more or less a life mission as we allow this book to challenge our spiritual lives.

“The aim is that Jesus Christ be made known in all the world as the all-powerful, all-wise, all-righteous, all-merciful, all-satisfying Treasure of the universe….

….and this joy will hold us and keep us, if we have tasted it and fought to make it the supreme experience of our lives. Christ is supremely glorious and supremely valuable. Therefore he is worth the fight”

Again, and again in Chapters 1 & 2 I felt the theme of both seeing and savoring Christ come through. Jesus is the Promise. His Presence is what we are after in all things. Delights should get us aimed towards a more intimate walk with Jesus. Desires should place our surrender to an unlocked perspective of God’s heart.

Our discussion questions and journal prompts are…

  1. If Jesus is the Promise and our goal is to see and savor Him….how are we actively PURSUING His Presence? In our daily quiet times? In our jobs? In our friendships?
  2. Read Exodus 33:12-18
  3. Let’s take a good look at where our delights are aiming us…is what we delight in developing a more intimate walk with Jesus?
  4. Let’s take a good look at where our desires are aiming us….is what we are desiring giving us an unlocked perspective of God’s heart?

I want so much for you to make your relationship with Jesus and His Presence personal. Challenging us to spend some time in prayer asking the Lord to cultivate our desires and delights to be in Him and through Him. I love you so very much and I am specifically praying God reveals how His Presence is as near as a whisper to you all day!

“God and God alone is the final, ultimate goal of our quest. All that God is for us in Jesus is the Object of our quest for joy. When I speak of fighting for joy, I mean joy in God, not joy without reference to God. When I speak of longing for happiness, I mean happiness in all that God is for us in Jesus, not happiness as physical or psychological experience apart from God. Whether we are desiring or delighting, the end of the experience is God.”




  1. Christina Lawless says:

    I am so thankful that you suggested reading this book! John Piper usually scares me a bit but I do enjoy listening to him from time to time. This book has been refreshing and helpful so far in big ways! Several things stuck out to me in chapters 1 and 2 and freed me from the disappointment I feel with myself and this life when I discover (once again) that I don’t desire God like I should or want to. It was soothing to be reminded that “My indwelling sin stands in the way of my full satisfaction in God” and that my sin opposes my ability to be fully satisfied in God by making me think I am pursuing God when really I am in love with His gifts or blessings. No wonder it is so hard! Sin is hard to overcome on my own…I daily need the Spirit’s help! I forget that sometimes and try to do things on my own and feel disappointed with myself when I miss the mark. Piper reminded me that only the Lord can cause deep and radical change. Whew! Its not all up to me.

  2. Stephanie Molden says:

    I’m reading the book on my phone! It’s easier for me to keep up this way on the go! I love at the beginning of Ch.1, it says “Sin opposes and perverts my pursuit of God.It opposes by making other things look more desirable than God.It perverts by making me think I am pursuing joy in God when,in fact,I am in love with his gifts.” WOW! What a way to call out deception! Oh,that the eyes of our understanding would be enlightened!!
    Then it continues…”Only God can make the depraved heart desire God.”…..I’ve prayed a prayer numerous times and say “God, I want to want you!”…I know that my desire to want Him,is pulling from a knowing to need Him!…”But the only freedom that lasts is pursuing what we want when we want what we ought.”… And so goes the struggle with the flesh!

    I also highlighted “Christ is to be cherished,not just chosen.”..In others words Christ is to be held dear and constant on our minds and hearts.

    In Ch.2…near the end it says “God is glorified in his people by the way we experience him,not merely by the way we think about him.”… I love that!

    I must admit that while I was reading, the thoughts of “I will never attain this level of joy,this is so hard,why is this book so well written?!This is beyond me!”…came rushing! I knew I should keep reading because I was being challenged!
    At the end of Ch.2 it read…“Whether we are desiring or delighting, the end of the experience is God.”..
    And that settled me..”the end of the experience is God.”

    I love this! Learning a lot! Thirsty for more!

    • cari_trotter says:

      Stephanie! I LOVE reading your comments and responses to Chapters 1 & 2 // so much of what you pulled out resonated with me too. Especially the part about feeling tempted to believe we cannot “attain this measure of joy…this is written so well…etc” BUT youbare exactly right in allowing your heart to camp out over the theme that the end of EVERY experience is God and knowing Him more! That is exactly where I wanted our hearts to gather at the end of last week. Keep pressing in and reading through! Each new day will uncover more treasures!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Chapters 3 & 4!

  3. Hi Cari! Ok, so confession, I am not reading the book (yet). I wanted so much to join in but my brain cannot take on another book at this time, however, I am listening to your videos and reading your notes while I work (eating the crumbs that fall from the table so to speak). I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed this post as well as the scripture reference in Exodus. It was so refreshing to to see how Moses spoke to the Lord, the interchange between them. I want that!

  4. Jennie Lane Elverum says:

    I know I’m months behind but oh this is such good stuff and I so need this!!! Thank you friend!!

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