Jennifer Franks

Cari Trotter loves. Her God. Her husband. Her children. Her friends. And every other person I saw her meet the short week in Haiti last March when we traveled there together to meet our sponsored Compassion children. After only a few times talking to Cari, I knew that her love for others flows over out the of Christ in her. Time and again, with each project we visited, Cari met every child and adult with happy smiles and tenderness, enchanted with their joy in Christ in spite of living in unspeakable poverty. One day we were presented with gifts from some of the mothers in the project and Cari was completely undone by their generosity. Tears overwhelmed her so that she could not even speak. A couple of days later Cari started talking about how her heart was changed and wondering what that would mean when she returned home. How to process it all? What to do with the heartache, the tears, the joy she’d witnessed in the poor? I think that is one of the things I found most delightful in Cari—she doesn’t just feel and talk—she acts when her heart is moved. And she loves. This precious woman loves. In Jesus she loves others as He loves her. And I love this godly, sweet and generously loving woman. My life is richer knowing her.