Warrior Women : A Prayer Playbook

Happy Fri-YAY y’all!

This week my Trotter Tribe has finished their first week of school in a new city, my Coach Man is wrapping up fall camp and I’m still alive. Holla’ at ya girl for jumping into fall, changes and everything new like a boss! {fist bump!} It felt a bit like a whirlwind, but we are #hereforit and made it to the weekend. Win Win for everyone! To all the amazing friends who prayed us through, sent crazy encouragement and cheered loud for all the things – THANK YOU!

As we march into the upcoming football season in the next several weeks I am honored to be shoulder to shoulder with the Women of Warrior football as we cheer our Hendrix Warriors, coaches and support staff into a championship season. Excited to be sporting all things orange with this bunch of gorgeous women this fall! #WeAreWarriors

At the beginning of each new football season I am more and more aware of the urgency prayer plays in our ability to not only survive the season, but find ourselves thriving at the close of each season. Prayer also keeps us diligent to remain focused on the task at hand. From our angle of living prayer seems to be the secret sauce to keep my #trottertribe on mission. During last year’s championship season with Highland Park I spent time preparing a Prayer Playbook for Coaches Wives. Pulled it back out this week to apply it to our new team and I want to share it with you! I sort of love being not just a Warrior Coaches Wife this year, but a Prayer Warrior too…join me!

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I hope to spend the fall sending out various bits of wisdom I’ve gathering over the years and would adore having continuing conversations with those of you who are coaches wives this fall! Make sure you get signed up with your email to receive the goodies!

Where are you and your family currently coaching? What’s your biggest prayer going into this season?


  1. Jessica Mc. says:

    Canyon, Texas is where we call home! We are about to embark on our coach daddy coaching 3 sports this year. My prayer is to continue to make family time a priority, to show our kiddos that our marriage, even in the busy times, is a priority and praying fiercely for our coach daddy to continue to make an impact on the men and boys that he is surrounded by. Oh the power of influence!!!

  2. Chay McClellan says:

    Hi sweet Cari! Kelly is back coaching again! We are both teaching at a Bridgeport ISD and he is coaching 7/8th grade football, basketball and track. My biggest prayer is that our family will be a light for Jesus that brings hope, healing and transformation to whomever God brings in path. Much love to you.

  3. Melanie Shaffer says:

    Hey Cari! We are so happy your family is at Hendrix! My son is part of the football team and has loved getting to know Coach Trotter. We have heard great things about you and your family and are excited about the season. I wanted to reach out and thank you for your hospitality…Braden has shared with us about his time in your home. We are so excited to have believers investing in him!!! Being a coaches wife (22 years) – and a mom – I understand the dedication to the role, albeit fun and done in love. 🙂 Signed up for your Prayer Playbook for the Coaches Wife, can’t wait to read it and future blogs. Thank you again and I’ll be praying for you and your family!

    • cari_trotter says:

      Melanie! We are so happy to be at Hendrix and are loving the opportunity to Braden more! Thank you for your encouragement and I am so thankful for your connection as a coaches wife. You definitely understand the dedication to the role and I am sure have a wealth of wisdom/stories I can’t wait to know more about! Thank you for signing up for the Prayer Book and for praying for my tribe. Means more than you know. Look so forward to knowing you more!!

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