What Others Are Saying

Cari is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ upon whom you can literally see the glory of the Lord. Her passion for God’s Word to be lived and breathed in the lives of His people permeates her actions, her words and her devotion to friends, family and strangers alike. I recently traveled to Haiti with Cari and her husband, Toby as they experienced God’s heart for and in His people there. It was a joy to watch them be the hands and feet of Christ to everyone they met.

Sean Dana

International Sponsor Tour Manager
Compassion International

Cari has led sessions at our statewide women’s retreat for the past two years. I’ve never heard a negative comment and her sessions are always packed out. She is easily becoming a sought after speaker in Oklahoma and as soon as others find out about her, I believe her ministry will expand to the hearts of many more.

Kelly King

Baptist General Convention Organization Women's Specialist,
Co-Author of “God, Girls and Guys”

Cari Trotter is contagious! Her love for Christ and her delivery of His Word is infectious and exactly what women all around the nation need to hear. Christ is using her tiny voice to do great and mighty things for His kingdom. Cari is one of the most effective communicators of God’s Word for women of all ages. Through her, Christ will inspire, encourage and challenge you to walk closer and deeper with Him.

Maegan Kufahl

FBC Bentonville Student Pastor's Wife

Cari Trotter is a Godly enthusiastic speaker and teacher who has a passion for Christ and His word. She desires to share her faith with women of all ages and it has been my privilege to hear her speak several times. Jesus pours out if everything she does. She is a gifted writer & speaker who seeks to give God the glory in all she does. The world needs more Cari Trotters – urgently spreading His good news to a hungry world.

Kelly Stamps

Author of kellyskornerblog.com
Compassion international blogger & advocate

Cari Trotter loves. Her God. Her husband. Her children. Her friends. And every other person I saw her meet the short week in Haiti last March when we traveled there together to meet our sponsored Compassion children. After only a few times talking to Cari, I knew that her love for others flows over out the of Christ in her. Time and again, with each project we visited, Cari met every child and adult with happy smiles and tenderness, enchanted with their joy in Christ in spite of living in unspeakable poverty. One day we were presented with gifts from some of the mothers in the project and Cari was completely undone by their generosity. Tears overwhelmed her so that she could not even speak. A couple of days later Cari started talking about how her heart was changed and wondering what that would mean when she returned home. How to process it all? What to do with the heartache, the tears, the joy she’d witnessed in the poor? I think that is one of the things I found most delightful in Cari—she doesn’t just feel and talk—she acts when her heart is moved. And she loves. This precious woman loves. In Jesus she loves others as He loves her. And I love this godly, sweet and generously loving woman. My life is richer knowing her.

Jennifer Franks

Volunteer Compassion Manager
Compassion International

Cari Trotter has such a passion for The Lord and for His people!  She has a way about her that others are drawn to her and you find yourself clinging to every word that is spoken.  Cari is one of those people that you want to be around because you know that she is plugged directly into the One who offers unending grace, hope, and love!

Courtney Bullard

Founder of I.D. Ministries and The Pearl House

Author and Speaker